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21 December 2011

Test of faith – RM80,000.00 in two weeks!

21 Dec 11

Christmas is just round the corner and Christmas is about giving and sharing. As we look forward to Christmas celebration, enjoy festive food and exchange gifts during the festive season, Yvonne Foong is in urgent need of funds for her brain surgery in LA ... Test of faith – RM80,000.00 in two weeks!

You may read more about Yvonne from her blog "Alive and living with Neurofibromatosis". Yvonne sells t-shirt and her book "I'm not sick, just a little unwell" to raise funds.

Have a blessed Christmas ... to you, family and loved ones. Let's not forget Yvonne during this festive season. Do help to spread the words and in any way that you may.


Kiasu Mom said...

I got her book or books and gave it to friends for their birthdays :-)

treasure memories said...

That's great, Amy. What a meaningful gift.