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29 October 2011

Angry Birds Cupcakes ... I made it!

23 Oct 11

I made it! I wasn’t confident that I’m able to make it. Glad that I took the risk to try and I made it.

After my market visit to Kuantan to visit dealers, I took a day off from work. After running my errands, I rushed to Pastry Pro to buy those ingredients that I needed to make Angry Birds cupcake for Jared. I wanted to try the 3D figurines for cupcakes.

I was so lucky to meet a helpful staff at Pastry Pro. I told her its my first attempt to make Angry Birds figurines. She recommended me to use white regalice which only cost RM13.95. I called home and ask my maid to check what other Angry Bird colours (by referring to Angry Bird sticker book, pencil box, etc) that I did not have and bought Christmas Red and Jet Black colour paste at RM4.10 each.
I surfed on the Internet for Angry Bird cupcake. I was looking at the pictures on the Ipad and these Angry Bird soft toy while moulding it.

I started with the Black Angry Bird, my first attempt of Angry Bird figurine for cup cake. Not perfect but I'm happy with the result.

After dinner at my parent's house, while Hubby and Jared played with the new Star Wars Lego set, I tried making the red Angry Bird. 

The not so “red” Angry Birds. I didn't use enough of the red colouring and the bird is not red enough.  Hubby said there will be new "pink" colour Angry Bird to be introduced soon.

Jared was impressed that I could make these figurines. He said "Mommy you are so smart. I'm so glad that you are my Mother". So sweet of him.

The next morning, after dropping Jaden to his kindergarten for his concert preparation, I made these yellow bird. The colour is very nice.
Honestly, it was so fun. Just like school art project. Breaking up the project into few, small sessions does help. I took it a step at a time and able to focus on the details with no rush. I felt so relax and happy doing it.
After Jaden's concert and lunch, I made these green pigs. Aren't they cute?

I smiled looking at them. The colours are so bright and cheerful.

I also made Golden eggs on nest. I do not have brown colour gel. Hubby helped to surf on Internet for ideas and also colour mixing to get brown colour for the nest.

I made these 16 cupcakes with Angry Bird figurines. Never I thought that I could do it but I did it. It was a great feeling. As Hubby said, it is realising a new skill set that nobody can take it away.

Jo said " are so pro! the colors are so beautiful ..."

I was very happy with the results. Save RM200 for self learning. Initially wanted to go for Angry Birds class but the timing was not right.

It has been a tiring few days but a very fulfilling one. I received very good feedback on these Angry Birds cupcakes.

My friend Jo said “This is so cute” and My SIL said “Just WOW! They're amazing! You're amazing!” My colleague, Wendy said “Omg it’s so pretty and cute. Well done!” Auntie Jenny said “Wow! I won’t be able to bring myself to eat them! Yr boys must feel the same”. Others said “Nice”, “Beautiful” “These r awesome. So r u”.

These words are so great and motivating.

The following day, we made these cocktail sticks and pizza for Jared's friends.

We also fried chicken and made mango pudding.

Kids enjoying the food.

Watching Wimpy Kid DVD

They danced to the Wimpy Kid.

Playing Lego Star War set.

Jared and his classmates

The kids love the Angry Birds cupcakes. They were choosing and said "I want this".

Each kid took home an Angry Bird cupcake with matching key chain. I bought 6 of this solid plastic container at RM1.10 each.

School exam is over. Its fun time now.


Kiasu Mom said...

One word Awesome!

treasure memories said...

I was in the right mood ... exam over, on leave, supportive hubby, encouraging words from all of you, etc.