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16 December 2008

Red Velvet Cheesecake

After attended the “Get Cheesy” baking workshop, I decided to bake the Red Velvet Cheesecake. Somehow, I felt like eating the cake; just love the taste of the cake.

Initially, I didn’t know what beetroot is. I went to Jusco, Tesco and Jaya Grocer but couldn’t get it there. I asked around and they were trying to describe it to me … a kind of vege, not fruit, etc. I went to my favorite TTDI market and asked the auntie there “Do you sell beetroot?” I was so delighted when they said “Yes”. Otherwise, I would not know how to describe it to them or translate beetroot to Chinese.

Saw Cheng decided to join me in the baking. This cake uses lots of whipping cream as compared to normal cheesecake. It is also very challenging to find the ingredients … a long list of it.

It’s tedious to bake the cake too. I started with baking the beetroot sponge. Initially, I was disappointed as the beetroot sponge was still not baked after 15 mins at 160 Celsius. I repeated the baking for several times, it got harden but not totally baked. I felt like throwing the beetroot sponge away. Luckily, when the cake cooled down, it got harden and look more like a sponge cake.

Then, it’s to prepare cream cheese filling. The cheese mixture looked watery, not as firm or peak as it should be. In my mind, I already made contingency plan for the next day tea time. I would get replacement cake from the neighboring Secret Resipe.

Thereafter, it’s to assemble the cake by layering alternately the sponge and cheese mixture. Finally, it’s to decorate the cake by dusting it with cocoa powder.

I was glad that I decided to complete the entire process and the result was good. At least, it looked professionally baked cake. I chilled the cake overnight and served it the following day. Christina and family came over for nasi lemak lunch; thereafter we went for movie “Quantum of Solace” and came home just in time for tea.

My heart was beating so fast when I was trying to make the first cut on the cake. I was worry that the cake may collapse, taste awful, etc.

Surprisingly, the slice of cake looked fabulous with the colour and layers of sponge and cheese mixtures.

I had round of applause from the floor and all of them love the cake.

Watch it online the cake baking demo by Catherine Lau here

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