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27 December 2008

Papier Make n Take - A day in the life of Jaden

Jo emailed me and ask "Why you only posted my mini album? Where's yours?". The truth was I hadn't finished my mini album then.

I promised Jo that I would finish my mini album by this week and thereafter, post in on my blog to share it with her and others.

Surprisingly, today I'm extremely awake albeit the flu medicine that I took earlier on. And here you are ...

These are the snapshots of the mini album for Jaden. All these photos were taken during our holiday trip to Kuantan in Oct 08. When Jared saw me printing Jaden's photos, he said "Mommy, you only print Jaden photos, where's Jared's photos?".

This is the cover with title "A day in the life of Jaden".

The 2nd page : What a handsome little guy.

The 3rd page : Jaden's first step on beach sand. He made a fuss about it initially.

The 4th page : Jaden had "Fun" building sand castle.

The 5th page : Playing see-saw up and down with Daddy at Kuantan mini zoo.

The 6th page : Jaden "enjoy" swimming with his tube and playing water gun.

The 7th page : The "rascal". Blue paper matched with Jaden's blue shirt.

Oh oh, its passed 2am. I better catch some sleep, it'll be a long day tomorrow ... tumbletots class, music class, weekly groceries shopping, etc.


Jo said...

i like your album a used more embellishments and it makes the album so interesting. I particularly like the sunglass on the cute!

treasure memories said...

Thank you.

The sunglass is from a beach scrapbook kit. Didnt quite like the kit, but I kinda like the sunglass and the pail for sandcastles.

A have a few of the sunglass, can give you for your beach photos.