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15 December 2008

Jared and Kumon

I went to pick up Jared from Kumon tonight. When I reached the centre, Jared was doing his Kumon corrections with Jennifer, the centre's principal/owner.

I felt very happy to see how Jennifer and Jared interacted. Jared had his Kumon test today. He managed to finish the test in 13 minutes with few mistakes and Jennifer coached him on the corrections.

Jared passed the test and will move on to do multiplication. Jared was so excited that he has progressed to the next level of Kumon. He went to the reception counter and said “Excuse me, Mr Choo. I passed my test and did it fast, 13 minutes”.

When Jared reached home, he showed hubby and me his new Kumon homework, that is multiplication work for a 5 year old boy.

There’s really no limit to a child's potential. We just have to expose them. I remember once asking Jared “Do you want to stop Kumon?” as some days, he has a very hectic schedule i.e. Krista till 12pm, Mandarin class till 1.30pm, Krista homework, Kumon homework, practice keyboard, etc.

As expected, he said “No, I like Kumon”. My hubby and I always tell Jared “So long you like it, we’ll let you have it”.

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