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31 December 2008

Portugese Christmas Lunch

FY hosted Christmas lunch at her house in Ara Damansara on 29 Dec 08 for us from the office.

FY’s time being baby, Jodie which is a Beagle dog. This picture is taken up by Jared, using my handphone.

Jared and Jaden loved the dog. The poor dog had to be caged as a few of us were afraid of dog.

FY cooked Portuguese Devil’s curry chicken (middle, last row) and chili prawn (middle, 2nd row) for all of us. Very impressive and yummy! Didn’t know that she can cook so well as she always gave us the impression that she could only cook maggi mee.

FY's husband packed very yummy fried noodle from Loong Foong restaurant at LDP.

CY’s maid fried nuggets and she also brought Shakey’s pizza.

YF made longan jelly.

DH’s wife, who was a caterer made her famous bacon roll (middle, 2nd row).

CH’s sausage in red and green Christmas colours.

Despite being a new, busy mother, SL made this banana brownies.

Ever since I started baking, I always being requested to bake and bring cake for functions that I attended. On my colleagues' request, I baked this Chocolate cheese cake from Nigella’s recipe.

Part of the group. Were they there for the TV or Christmas celebration?

Red and gold Christmas tree, complemented well with the Tangerine Ergorapido.

Lovely red and gold ribbons.

We exchanged gifts and FY bought Barney colouring set for the kids. Very sweet of her!

These 2 sets are for Jared and Jaden. On the right is the result of Jaden's colouring.

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