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30 December 2008

Christmas Dinner in Klang

I always like Christmas season .. its time for giving, sharing and forgiving.

I like the Christmas decoration around the city, shopping complexes, Christmas songs, Christmas gifts, Christmas gathering, open house, holiday, etc. I just love Christmas!

This year, we had several Christmas outings.

Christmas hosted a Christmas dinner at her house on Sat, 20 Dec 08. This dinner is for her family and we were glad to be invited to join them for this festive celebration.

Aglio olio spaghetti for the kids.

Salad in Christmas colours ... green and red.

Roast chicken and bruschetta. Christina bought the roast chicken and roast lamb (not in picture) from Euro Deli.

Mashed potato to complement the roast chicken and lamb.

Red wine that went so well with the red meat.

Mini red and green balloons, put up by Christina and Yuan Hui.

White tea set for dessert ... coffee and cakes.

This is Christina's first attempted marble cheese cake, displayed on a newly bought 8" cake display stand from Living Quarters, 1 Utama.

This is my first attempted, not so successful Bull's eye cheesecake, displayed on a 10" cake display stand. The cheese and chocolate rings didn't turn out well, it suppose to be evenly spread. A little lack of confidence now, not sure if I'll try to bake it again.

Christina suggested gift exchange for the kids. The parents were informed in advance the kids that we were to buy gifts for, at least we could think of the kids needs/wants and bought an appropriate gifts for them. Good idea!

The boys admiring their gifts.

These are the gifts for Jared and Jaden from the gift exchange and additional gifts from Auntie Christina.

We bought this "Know Your World" activity pack for Xin Li and Jared.

I bought this handbag (back view) for Kimberly from Mid Valley. It has a pink heart on the front of the handbag. It's really nice to shop for a girl.

Photo for the sweet memories ... with Christina family and her in-laws.

Thanks to Christina and Yuan Hui for inviting us to join her family in the Christmas dinner.

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