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25 May 2009

Mother's Day and Dad's 76th Birthday

What is Mother's Day? Jared "Mother's Day is do things for Mother".

"Mommy, I have a surprise for you. I made you a card" and he presented me with this card. Kid is so innocent and sweet.

Jared made this card in Krista.

On the left: Jared and I.

Their words are so simple and powerful.

Dad and mom love KFC. On Mother's Day, I bought KFC, brought to their house and have it as dinner with them. We never like to have dinner outside on the actual Mother's Day to avoid the crowd, pricey food and poor service during the busy day.

Dad's birthday is also in the month of May. We celebrated Mother's Day and Dad's 76th Birthday together on 24 May 2009. Its pretty challenging to gather all of us together as my sisters had to celebrate Mother's Day with their in-laws too.

Mom chose Thai food and we had our dinner at Kinnaree Thai Restaurant located at Jaya One, PJ. Kinnaree has been voted the Thailand's Best Restaurants by many food reviewers.

We had two tables, one for the adult and one for the kids. We ordered their May's Special Premier Set dinner at RM488+ for adult and from its ala-carte menu for the kids. We had Thai's famous desserts before eating the birthday cake.

For the restaurant standard, a glass of warm water is at RM1.50+ and a bowl of white rice is at RM3.00+. The total bill came out to RM750.60. The food is delicious and the price is expected of this standard of Thai restaurant.


Kiasu Mom said...

Didnt know your family was that big.. so nice. My family is pretty small so if we gather, normally 1 table will suffice :-)

treasure memories said...

With the kids, the number adds up. And we only have 2 kids, so my own family will not be big. One table should be enough.