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03 May 2009


This is one of my favourite.

Line up choux pastry in a small choux shape.

Brush with egg wash (egg and salt to break down protein in egg so that its not too thick) and sprinkle with pearl sugar.

Bake at 170C. The interesting thing that I learned yesterday is if we line a baking sheet on baking tray, the base of dough once baked will be roundish and not flatten.
The pastry will go through a few process:
  1. Development stage - dough will rise
  2. Drying process - dough will set
  3. Open and close oven door to let steam out, reduce temperature - dough will dry
The pearl sugar is half the sweetness of normal sugar and it adds flavour and taste to the choux.


Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

treasure memories said...

Thank you.