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03 May 2009

Cream Puff Delights ... Choux a la Creme

The last delight that we learned is the cream puff. I attended this workshop because Hubby love cream puff and its quite difficult to find good cream puff in town.

Line the choux pastry into choux shape by using 6mm round nozzle. The technique is to press the dough, stop and cut it.

Bake at 180C, use combi fan for top and bottom.

Open in two.

Garnish the base with pastry cream.

Top up with whipping cream.

Hubby love the cream puff.


Kiasu Mom said...

When I have a nice big and equip kitchen (God knows when that will be), will surely print all these and try them myself. Looks yummylicious :-)

BTW, how did you find time to attend all these with 2 little boys?

treasure memories said...

I know it will be soon, Amy.

I discussed with hubby prior to reservation.

Jared is big to play by himself ie PSP, Wii, TV, etc (I make sure he finish his homework first) and I have a reliable maid too.