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28 May 2009

Jaya Supermarket collapses

We were in a meeting in our meeting room and heard a big bang sound and felt the vibration.

Oh my God! Jaya Supermarket which is located just opposite my office and I can see it from my office window, collapsed! Jaya Supermarket is undergoing demolition operations and it went awry at 4pm+ just now.

There are fire rescue personnel, ambulances, traffic polices, etc and police blocked the road entrance to the building.

I prayed for the safety of the people in and around the building.

The Star Online already posted the news.


Kiasu Mom said...

Both amazing and scary isn't it? Can't imagine what I would feel if I were there in person. And God bless those poor workers who died.. sigh..

treasure memories said...

I still look out the window of my office every now and then. The building is not so safe now and driving/walking around the vicinity may not be a good idea.