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03 May 2009

Cream Puff Delights ... Churros

The first pastry that we learned is Churros.

One thing that I like about this "Cream Puff Delights" workshop is the same churros dough/pastry can be made into 5 varieties.

Add in egg one by one and mix until fully absorbed by the dough and mix well.

The dough should be smooth and shining.

Line up the choux pastry with a star shape nozzle into long strips and set in freezer for a few hours overnight until the pastry is hard.

Immediately out from freezer, without defrosing, cut the dough into shorter length and deep fry.

Roll into orange or cinnamon flavoured sugar before serving.

The dough can be prepared in advance ie pipe the dough, freeze it, cut it and store in container. To serve, just deep fry and roll into sugar.

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