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24 May 2009

Butter Cupcake & Steamboat Dinner

Jin and family came to KL for a shopping trip. Since they were in town and so were 2nd and 3rd auntie from Kluang, I decided to host steamboat dinner at home. 2nd and 3rd auntie had not seen Jared and Jaden for a long time. We had not seen Brian for a long time too. I had a big crowd at home. 2nd, 3rd and 4th auntie, 5th uncle and wife, Elaine and Brian, Tsu Mae, Jin and family.

I made these butter cupcake (before applying icing sugar on top) for tea and also for Jared's school Teachers' Day. A few teachers had made their request for my cake via Jared. I guess those cupcakes were so fresh, moist and nice that they were all eaten that neither Jared, Jaden nor myself had tried any.

This photo was taken with a tripod and the photo is so sharp without the usual camera shake.

For steamboat, we boiled 2 varieties of soup ... clear soup and tom yam soup using chicken bones, ikan bilis, Chinese cabbage, corns, yam, red dates and keichee.

I like steamboat with lots of varieties and not just fish ball and meat balls. As such, I bought bits of almost everything that I can find from TTDI market.

Yong Tau Foo.

Fish and chicken meat.

Pork shoulder.

Squids and prawns.

A few varieties of mushrooms.

Meatball, which is the favourite of the night.

Sai Tou fish balls which were fresh and bouncy.

Sotong balls, egg tofu, pressed tofu, seafood tofu, etc.

We also had vegetables, yee mee, chili sauce, sambal sauce, chili padi with soya sauce. I also made fruit cocktail drink.

Surprisingly, my guests and hubby liked the tomyam soup. The steamboat dinner was quite a good one with most of the food consumed. At least we did not have to eat fish balls for the next few meals.

I had steamboat dinner again the following weekend for my sister and her family. My brother in-law loves to eat steamboat. After two consecutive weekends of steamboat dinner, hubby said "Let's not have steamboat for awhile".


Kiasu Mom said...

Looks yummy. I tried hosting once but it wasn't that successful. Must learn from you la. :-)

treasure memories said...

Practice makes perfect.

You organise, we'll be there. You learn, we eat.