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02 May 2009

Another Gathering and Farewell

After Fei Yin and I hosted lunches at home, we volunteered Chin Ying to host the next gathering, before she leaves us for her new job. Chin Ying claimed that she cant cook.

Fei Yin did a check on Chin Ying's dinner menu. Chin Ying told them that she would be preparing sausages, nuggets and jelly. There were instant complaint on the menu and all claimed that they have to have own dinner prior to going to Chin Ying's house for gathering.
When we reached Chin Ying's house, we saw a table full with food, nicely and elegantly presented.

Delifrance's mini tarts and nachos with salsa sauce.

Top hat (recipe from Chin Ying's mother in-law), nuggets, french fries and sausages.

Curry chicken cooked by Chin Ying's mother.

Yong Tau Foo by Chin Ying's mother too. This Yong Tau Foo is delicious, especially the meat filing.

Fried meehoon by Chin Ying's maid and chicken cooked with chicken wine by Chin Ying's mother.

Kids, young and old, playing Play Doh.

Ladies admiring the young, thin, youthful Chin Ying's old photos.

Boy and Guys and PS2 game, brought by Kenny.

Chin Ying was reluctant to have us at home as she always claim that her house is small. Look how spacious the house is.

I made bull eye's cheese cake and this frame for Chin Ying.
Chin Ying will be leaving our company next week. Over the last 1.5 years, the relationship has developed from colleagues to friends. She is a happy go lucky, helpful, nice and sweet girl. We'll surely miss her, especially during lunch time as she's our driver for lunch out.

Another group photo for the album and memories.


Kiasu Mom said...

Wow, so many posts on food all of a sudden :-)

treasure memories said...

Guess its because for each gathering, there'll surely be food.

More posts on food is coming :)