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11 June 2012

Unique Seafood and Mother's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Birthday & Father's Birthday!

9 Jun 12

For Mother's Day last month, we had our usual Family dinner at parent's house and I bought crepe cakes from Food Foundry. I bought the same cake from the same shop for the last Mother's Day celebration too. There was no fancy dinner at nice restaurant.

For this month June, there'll be Father's Day celebration. In addition, coincidentally, both of my parents will be celebrating their birthday on the same day. We have decided to celebrate all these celebrations in ONE and lavish dinner for both of our parents.

To be honest, it is not easy to organise family dinner during Mother's Day and Father's Day as we need to find dates that all of us can make it. Not forgetting my siblings will also be celebrating the same celebration with their in-laws. We do not fancy pack, busy and noisy restaurants with bad service and compromise on food quality and yet at much expensive costs.

We decided to celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, mother's birthday and father's birthday yesterday, a week ahead of Father's Day and also to accommodate my brother's family from Singapore to join us while it's school holiday.

For me, I always wanted to bring my parents to experience the sashimi and steamboat Australian lobster and California Geoduck at Unique Seafood. Both are pricey dishes and not something that we eat often.

A week earlier, I browsed thru Unique Seafood website and was surprise to see the contents of the website which are very user friendly and informative ie locations of restaurants, promotion, signature dishes, their menu, etc. The "Member's Corner" with interesting Member Plan attracted me to find out more.

For its Platinum Card Member Plan where for one-time RM1,500 membership charge, we will get RM2,000 worth of dining vouchers. That is like 25% discount! I knew the dinner for our family will not be cheap and I bought the above membership plan.
Table setting for 15 adults and teenagers
I made reservation at Unique Seafood a week ahead of our dinner. I requested for room with Karaoke as my parents, siblings and nieces like to sing. There's no additional charge for the room except for the service charge is at 10%, whereas if we sit at the restaurant hall, the service charge will be only 5%.
For the younger kids, they sat on another table. I ordered this Stir-fried Kailan in two varieties (RM23++).

Siong Tong La La (Kepah) at RM30/kg
Unique Seafood was packed with customers and we waited long for our food. According to the restaurant staff, some families celebrated Father's Day a week earlier. I was walking in and out of the room to follow up on the dishes for the kids. So much so that I only managed to take the above 2 food photos.
Five combination vegetables for the steamboat (RM50++)
Mother singing her favourite songs while waiting for food to be served
Sashimi and Steamboat Australia Lobster (2.5 kg at RM995++)
It was the first time for my family to have lobster in sashimi and steamboat style. The idea is to taste the freshness and original taste of Australia Lobster, without any other cooking style that added garlic, salt, pepper, etc to it.

Sashimi and Steamboat California Geoduck (RM1.6kg at RM316.80++)
It was nice to see how my family tried and reacted to the taste of California Geoduck for the first time. If they were to see the live geoduck in the water tank, I do not think they would eat it.

I like to eat this Geoduck with wasabi and I like the crunchiness texture of it.
Pan-fried Lamb Chop, Mongolian Style (11 slices at RM198++)
This Lamb Chop is very yummy. The meat was so tender and juicy and my family love this dish. Each piece of Lamb Chop cost RM18++. Unless we are having this as main course, I would recommend to inform the restaurant to cut each piece into 2 smaller pieces.

We brought Italian white wine to the restaurant and this white wine had been receiving very good feedback from our guests whom we had served this white wine.

 Cheers to the family, Cheers to the celebrations, Cheers to the good food, Cheers to the good singing, etc.

Sister and Sister in-law who have good voice
Kepah with Dried Shrimps and Curry Leaf (3kg at RM90++)
Steam Soon Hock (1.6kg at RM268.80++)
Thumb ups for this Soon Hock which was very well done, just the right texture, not over-cooked and we could taste the freshness and sweetness of the fish meat.

We always order this steam Soon Hock if we order fish at Unique Seafood.

Dad fell down early that day and he was in pain when he arrived at the restaurant. I told him not to think of the pain and try to enjoy himself.

I was so surprise to see him singing in the later part of the dinner. Guess he was feeling happy and couldn't resist the singing when he saw most of us singing that night.

Home made bean curd with mushroom (RM84++ at RM4++ each)

The restaurant used the earlier Australia Lobster head and claw to braise with Hong Kong Yee Mee and charge RM30++ for the cooking charge. My family love this dish too.

Brother who also have a beautiful voice. This must be from our parents.

Caramel cheese cake and Chocolate Fudge cake from Merienda de Eva (RM72 for both cakes thru Groupon promotion), for Daddy and Mummy.

The Chocolate Fudge cake was nice and moist with good chocolate taste but I was disappointed with the Caramel cheese cake which was a little blend with not much of cream cheese taste and the cake texture was a little wet.
Photo for the album
The Birthday Girl and Boy
So sweet!
Finally, my nieces started singing with Lady Gaga's song that got us rocking
Fruits on the house
Overall, it was a good dinner, albeit a little expensive (total bill came up to RM2,475). My family enjoyed the dinner which taste good and something special. I am glad that we had a room for our dinner with karaoke facility.

My family left the restaurant at 11.10pm while the rest of them staying back to continue singing.

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