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30 June 2012

Day 1 ... The start of Fever Marathon and Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

24 Jun 2012

Jaden woke up at 6am and came to sleep on our bed. I felt the warm in his body and took his body temperature. It was above 38C.

We fed him with his milk and gave him fever medicine. Later in the morning, while I was running my usual wet market shopping, Hubby took Jaden to see GP near our house. The GP said Jaden's throat is infected and prescribed him with antibiotic, fever and cough medicine.

After lunch, my plans are to visit our 3rd Auntie in General Hospital, have afternoon tea at Levain and go to temple for prayer.

We visited our 3rd Auntie in General Hospital. She had operation on her throat as her airway was closing and causing her difficulty in breathing. She was trying to eat green bean paste prepared by the hospital but had choke. She couldn't swallow food properly. A tube was connected to her throat. The nurse used a vacuum to suck and clear phlegm from the tube. It was so heartache to see her in the hospital.

After the hospital visit, I suggested to have afternoon tea at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie. I wanted to bring my mother in-law there. I have read so much and heard the good review on this cafe.

Nice signboard

The building with front carpark and jockey service. Parking is limited.
Wide selection of breads and buns.

Mother in-law chose Scone with Dried Mango (RM3) and Mini Croissant (RM1).

More fresh pastries from the oven

Star shape bread

Colorful and varieties of macaroon at RM3.60 each

They are so pretty!

My selection, Banana Split (RM8.50)
I also bought half loaf of Maple Log Bread (RM8) and Chocolate Log Bread (RM8) for take away.

Hot Caffe Latte (RM7.50) for MIL
Hubby had iced Caffe Latte (RM8.50) and I had Ice Hazelnut Latte (RM10.50).
The cafe was packed with customers

More chocolate, truffles, etc
The concept of the cafe was interesting with good selection of fresh breads, pastries, pizza, cakes, etc. Probably the cafe was too packed with customers and busy, I didn't like the feel of it. You have to look or wait for seat, self service, queue to pay and inform the cashier your table number and then, the staff will serve your drinks to your table.

The afternoon tea cost us RM62.10 for the few things that we had.

My mother in-law was tired and suggested to go home. We did not make it to the temple for our prayer.

At 7pm, Jaden's fever shot up to 40.3C. It was scary! We put fever suppository but Jaden made a fuss of it and took it out. I quickly sponge him and fed him his fever medicine. After a while, the fever temperature came down.

After 4 hours, Jaden's fever temperature went up again. At 11pm+, while Jaden fell asleep, we put fever suppository. Unfortunately, after 1.5 hours the temperature did not come down but shot up to 40.2C. We sponge him and fed him with his fever medicine and after a while, the fever temperature came down.

I couldn't sleep the whole night but constantly sponging Jaden and checking his body temperature. I felt very discomfort and not at ease. After 2.5 hours from his fever medicine, I noticed his fever temperature on the rise again. It was worrying as it was just 2.5 hours since his last fever medicine intake. Finally at about 5am, when Jaden's temperature hit 39.5C we rushed Jaden to hospital.

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