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27 June 2012

What a Weekend and Disappointing Shrek The Musical

23 Jun 12

My mother in-law came to stay with us as she planned to visit our 3rd Auntie in hospital, her friend who stay in our neighbourhood and suffered from lung cancer and thereafter to visit her sister in Klang.

It was Jaden's kinder Parents Teacher Day where we had to go to the kindergarten to review Jaden's learning and performance in school. Jaden has been naughty lately and didn't want us to go to his kindergarten to meet his teachers.

Our review was at 8.30am. Hubby and I went to see the teachers. The review was not that bad after all. Jaden is a quick learner and he stops once he thinks he is good enough, which he does not attempt to excel further.
After the review with teachers, we left the kindergarten and heard funny sound coming from my car. We drove to our neighborhood tyre shop and asked them to check out my car.

The first technician said the sound came from the right rear of the car. He checked the rear tyres but could not find anything. Thereafter, another technician came with cigarette on his hand and took a drive of my car. He said the funny sound came from right front of the car.

He checked the front right tyre and saw this nail on my car tyre. What a start of Saturday morning!

Thereafter, I had my usual Saturday errands to run.

Mother in-law visited her friend who stay in our neighborhood and suffered from lung cancer. They used to do social works together.

In the evening, we had 4 tickets for Shrek The Musical from our Auntie YC.

The musical was at Plenary Hall of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. We planned to have dinner there before the musical starts at 8pm.

There were not many choices of restaurant in KL Convention Centre. Jared chose Kenny Rogers and we had dinner there.

The restaurant requires improvement on its cleanliness. The floor was wet and dirty. I informed the cashier and told her it's dangerous too.

At the foyer of the Plenary Hall, lots of people taking photos with Shrek and Fiona cut out boards. They were also people selling Shrek souvenirs ie T-shirt, Shrek hair band, Fiona hair band and program book, all at RM35 each. We bought the Shrek The Musical T-shirt for Jared for remembrance.

Surprisingly, the hall was not full. Lots of people said the tickets are expensive and indeed they are.

My aunt bought RM390 category of tickets for us (out of RM190, RM290, RM390, RM490 and RM590) and we thought we should be sitting in the middle of the hall. But we were wrong. Our seats were way up, higher, towards the end of the hall.

The musical was disappointing. I must say the Shrek movie is much nicer. The story line, the songs and pace are not interesting.

During the 20 minutes intermission, we had coffee at the foyer and bumped into Fatboybakes and family at the cafe. He shared the same comment and opinion of the musical.

Luckily, the 2nd set of the musical was slightly more interesting. By that time, Jaden kept on asking me "when can we go home?" and "how long more?".

These photos were taken during the closing routine where the staff were not strict with photography.

It was a 2.5 hours musical. Overall, the musical is disappointing after having watched the interesting Shrek movie.

Jaden was very quiet on the way home.

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