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16 June 2012

Carnation's Kitchen Secrets and Cooking Workshop with Amy Beh

16 Jun 12

Today, I brought my 3rd Auntie from Kluang to Tesco Kepong. She wanted to have a walk there and I wanted to do my groceries shopping at Tesco too. 

As we went up the escalator, I saw this banner on Carnation's Evaporated Creamer. It was written "Kitchen Secrets Cooking workshop with Amy Beh".
Amy Beh is my idol. In fact, she's my first baking teacher and her book "At Home with Amy Beh" by The Star is the very first cooking book that I refer to and had my hands on and ... they work! After several successful attempts, it gave me the confidence to cook and bake more. Nowadays, I always search and refer to her recipes on The Star Online's Kuali.

When we were there, it was 12pm+ and the cooking workshop was at 2.30pm. I saw Amy Beh getting ready and preparing for the cooking workshop. I couldn't recognise her as she looked younger than what I remembered her to be from her cooking book. I spoke to her and she must had seen the excitement in me and suggested that I register for the workshop.
We only need to pay RM10 for the workshop and received a goodies bag with the above items ... 2 cans of Carnation evaporated creamer, 2 Carnation recipe books with recipes created by Amy Beh, a towel and a mug in a recycle bag. I registered for my 3rd Auntie and also for my youngest sister to attend the workshop together.
The cooking workshop at the entrance of Tesco Kepong
Amy Beh promoting Carnation which contains Vitaman A and D
Amy Beh first demonstrated how to cook Nasi Dagang. The recipes are all available in the recipes book given to us.

Once the rice is cook, stir in shallots and ginger and toss well. Amy Beh did not recommend to fry the shallots or ginger as the taste does not go well with Nasi Dagang.

The second dish that Amy Beh demonstrated was Thai Green Curry.

The green curry that we cook at home is from ready made paste that we bought from Bangkok. This recipe from Amy Beh shows how to make and blend green curry paste from scratch.

 A TV screen is projected to have a better view of Amy Beh's cooking.

What I like about this recipe is that it replaces coconut santan with Carnation evaporated creamer, which is healthier.

There was a question from the floor that asked for the age of Amy Beh. There were lots and lots of guesses from the floor. Some guessed she's in her 40s, while others guessed she's in her 50s. Amy Beh was so happy with our guesses.

 To our surprise, Amy Beh is 67 years old this year.

She thanked Carnation for making her food healthier, taste nicer and made her looks so much younger. She also believes in living happier as laughter make a person looks younger too.

The 3rd food that was demonstrated by Amy Beh is the Steamed Chocolate Cupcakes with Raisins.

Volunteers helping to spoon cupcake batter into cupcake liners.

The cupcakes were steamed for 10-12 minutes. I've never tried steamed cupcakes and find this to be very interesting.

Amy Beh said she likes to steam cupcakes because the cakes are more moist and have softer texture.

Amy Beh also brought some cupcakes that she pre-made the night before. She added Kahlua and almond nibs to these cupcakes.
All of us had enough cupcakes to taste.

The last dish that Amy Beh demonstrated was the Creamy Soup of Happiness.

She added 2 cans of evaporated ceamer into the big pot of soups. Initially, my sister and I did not think the soup would be nice as it's very seldom for soup to have evaporated creamer added.

But after we've tried it, we thought the soup was nice. It tasted like Fish Head Noodle soup. Amy Beh also suggested that we may add mee hoon to the soup and have it for lunch ... which is what we are going to have for tomorrow's lunch.

There is a series of this cooking working on Carnation's Kitchen Secrets.
My sister and I brought Amy Beh's cooking books "At Home with Amy Beh" all the 3 series by The Star for her to autograph.

Treasure the memories. Thank you Amy Beh for being my baking teacher (without you knowing it), thank you for the autographs and thank you for the photos.

3rd Auntie had her books autographed by Amy Beh too.
The sweet MC for the workshop.
The workshop lasted for about 1.5 hours and ended at 4.10pm.

I am glad that we went to Tesco Kepong today. Otherwise, we would have missed this interesting cooking workshop and meeting up with Amy Beh.

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