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26 August 2010

Pavlova and Hubby's Not So Surprise Birthday

24 Aug 10
It was Hubby's birthday and I took leave on that day. We went and make passports for the kids. While waiting for our passports to be ready, we went to Old Town White Coffee at Jaya One for breakfast.
In the afternoon, my maid and I made cakes for Hubby. We made Pavlova and Red Velvet Cheesecake.
Hubby likes Pavlova and he missed it since his university time in Australia. I've not heard of Pavlova, had not seen it and of course, have not baked it. Since Hubby likes it and it was his birthday, I took the risk and baked it.
We had our dinner at Emperor Restaurant in Goldhill Club. We had cod fish, prawn, pork, beancurd and vegetables.
After dinner, Jared wanted to give surprise to his Daddy and asked him to stay upstair while we get ready the cakes. Hubby wasn't surprise as he saw those cakes in the fridge. He played along and showed surprise look to the two boys.
The Pavlova is made out of egg white and whipping cream. I put mango, kiwi, jack fruit and grapes to create colour on the cakes. I couldn't get strawberry and replaced it with grapes to get the red colour. I bought Passion fruit too but Hubby said he doesn't like passion fruit and as such, I didn't put it in.
My Pavlova didn't look quite right and according to Hubby, not as light but tasted good. Hubby and Auntie YC had 2 servings. Jared liked it and so did I. Hubby gave 7 out of 10 marks.
I will surely try to bake this Pavlova again and will ensure I have strawberry on it.


Kiasu Mom said...

Happy belated birthday to YC. Your cake looks good nonetheless, I am sure it taste good as well :-)

treasure memories said...

I thought it would be very sweet, based on the ingredients that I used to bake it. With all the fruits, it blend really well.