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25 August 2010

Passport Application and Renewal for Children

24 Aug 10

We decided to renew Jared's passport and make a new passport for Jaden. Hubby took the kids to take passport photos on last Friday while I was in East Malaysia. Hubby printed the passport application forms from Immigration website. I filled up the forms and bring along the following required documents:

  1. 2 passport photos each
  2. Original copy of Birth Certificate
  3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  4. Photocopy of IC of the Parent signing the application form (must be on A4 size paper)

As the Immigration office is also open on Saturday and Sunday till 1pm, we decided to go to the Immigration Department in Pusat Bandar Damansara on Sunday. We reached the office past 11am and were so disappointed when we were told that all the numbers for the day were given out.

For kids passport application and renewal, we are unable to use the KIPPAS kiosk. In addition, kids need to come along for passport application and renewal as their thumb prints are required.

I was on leave on Hubby's birthday and decided to get the passport done. This time round, we reached the Immigration office before 9am.

8.40 am - Reached Counter 1 to collect ticket number. We were told that the application forms that we printed from their website were outdated and requested to fill in a new set of form. The officer was kind enough to give us the ticket number despite us have not filled up the forms.

8.50 am - In just 10 minutes, our numbers were called and I've filled up Jared's form only. Proceeded to the counter for the passport application process while I fill up the form for Jaden. The thumb print for kids were required.

9.30 am - Paid RM150 for 5 years of 48 pages of passport each and were told to come back after an hour for passport collection.

10.40 am - Reached Counter 35 to collect passport. Our passports were ready and our ticket numbers have been called and the counter was serving 30 numbers ahead of our ticket number.

10.50 am - Left Immigration Department.

It was such a breeze that the entire passport application and renewal process take only 2 hours, unlike previously, I need to take a whole day off from work for passport application process and go back again after a few days to collect passport.


Kiasu Mom said...

I think you're just lucky it wasn't crowded :-)

treasure memories said...

I suppose planning and ensure all documents are complete help. Anyway, we drove to Jaya One for breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam while waiting for the passport to be ready for collection.

Anonymous said...

Do both parents have to be present for the passport application & pick up?

treasure memories said...

Anonymous, no you dont need.Just one parent will do.