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26 August 2010

Because you are my Kangaroo

26 Aug 2010

We were putting the kids to sleep. Then ...

Jaden : Mummy, I love you!

Me : Why?

Jaden : Because you are my Kangaroo.

I asked Hubby : What does that mean?

Hubby : Me and You and a Kangaroo too. Its from the Higgly Town Hero cartoon show.

Guess I have to watch cartoon show to interact with my kids.


Kiasu Mom said...

He still watches that? You're so lucky. Hayley doesn't watch those cartoons anymore. She likes Tom & Jerry now - slap forehead! I prefer her to watch PHDC where the cartoons are more suitable for kids her age.

treasure memories said...

We are watching what the kids watch on TV. Probably your nanny house is not watching PHDC shows.

Kiasu Mom said...

Yeah I told her many times not to let her watch shows not suitable for her age she said she didn't. But my girl can come back and tell me she likes Mr Bean! And I NEVER EVER let her watch Mr Bean at home because I know its of bad influence.... sigh..

treasure memories said...

what to do ... we cant control what Nannies watch on TV at their own houses.