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01 August 2010

Culinary Experience with Rohani Jelani at Bayan Indah

31 Jul 10

I was invited by Audrey from Audrey Cooks to join a group of Food Blogger to attend "Fun Cooking with Rohani" at Bayan Indah. Bayan Indah has been nominated as one of the best cooking school in Asia and is the only Malaysian site recommended as Top 10 of The 2009 Saveur 100 of things to do in the World. The property was also Malaysia's House of the Year 2008.

Initially, I was thinking if I should join the class. I've not attended and it has never cross my mind to attend and learn Malaysian cooking, something that I've taken for granted. I was also uncomfortable as most of the participants are food blogger, I mean those famous one. And it was also the weekend before Jared's school exams. Looks like I had lots of excuses for not attending. Then, mother in-law and Hubby encouraged me to do something different with different group of people.

The class was to start at 9.30am. Bayan Indah is located in Kg Sg Penchala and Audrey decided to leave early for the place in case we get lost. We reached Bayan Indah before 9am and this gave me the opportunities to look around and take these beautiful photos.

Bayan Indah ... the Culinary Retreat, surrounded with green.

The Malaysian style of setting and design with open, spacious kitchen.

The stylish accommodation, the living hall, the seminar room and long bath with greenery view.
The participants and menu for the day.

FBB brought his famous Tim Cake for Rohani and Rohani was kind enough to share it with us.

We were served with this Cucuk Udang before the start of our class and also served with Lime and Mint drink during the cooking class.

Briefing by Rohani before the start of our class. She briefed us on what to expect, the food that we were going to learn, tips, ingredients, etc.

In the midst of the briefing, Rohani showed us some of the herbs that we would use from the garden.

Ayam Rendang

Nasi Dagang with Masak Lemak Ikan Tongkol and Acar Timun.
Mee Rebus

It's all about presentation. The picture at the bottom left is before Rohani's touch. Bottom middle shows the touch by Rohani and tada ... the bottom right shows the much improved food presentation.
Soto Ayam

Kuih Talam Pandan

Bengka Ubi.
Watch all those cameras ... Food Blogger in action.
Our team ... Audrey and Annie and we learned Nasi Dagang with Masak Lemak Ikan Tongkol and Acar Timun, Mee Rebus and Bengka Ubi.
There were lots of laughter, fun and jokes during the class.
Food cooked by the 5 teams (13 of us) and lunch for the day.

Photo for the album.
I can't really remember all the names and I must attempt to note them down here. They were such a fun group of people to spend the Saturday with.
These are the peoples that I've read so much about in magazines, newspaper, blogs, etc and it was great to meet them in person in such a serene place, with nice food and great fun. It was surely a Fun Cooking day. This is life!

Thanks Audrey for the invitation and Thanks to Pick Shan for organising it.

I'm so glad of meeting Rohani Jelani and proud that Malaysia has Bayan Indah. Bayan Indah is a perfect place for culinary retreat, away from home and hustle and bustle of KL city, without having to drive or fly far away.

I'll be going to Bayan Indah again ... we are going to have our company's meeting at Bayan Indah and has signed up for its seminar package for 20 pax. My colleagues have read and heard of Bayan Indah and Rohani Jelani. They are so excited about going to Bayan Indah, and the food that we are going to enjoy, much excited than the meeting proper. So much so that I have to contain their excitement.


babe_kl said...

Enjoyed meeting you very much ;-) Glad you had fun

treasure memories said...

Thanks for dropping by, Pick Shan. Do stay in touch.