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11 August 2010

I Need Attention

5 Aug 2010

Our 2 boys had been extremely naughty. I was talking to Hubby that possibly they were trying to get our attention.

A few days later, Hubby told me that Jared complained that Jaden is very naughty and has been disturbing him. Hubby explained to Jared that Jaden was naughty as he's trying to get his attention. Hubby told both of them that they need not be naughty to get our attention, just say "I need attention". After a while, Jared told Hubby "Daddy, I need attention now".

That was so sweet. I wrote "I need attention" on a small piece of paper and slot it on my computer keyboard, to remind myself to blog about it.

The following day, Hubby called me at work and ask if I wanted to have lunch together and I said "OK".

After lunch, I asked Hubby : Where are you going after this?

Hubby : No where.

Me : You mean you come here just to have lunch with me?

Hubby : I'm very sensitive. Someone dropped me a note and I know what to do.

Me : You mean "I need attention" note?

This was even sweeter. How can I not blog about it?


Kiasu Mom said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.... this is excellent... he's so sensitive indeed :-)

treasure memories said...

Sometime ...