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28 August 2010

Cucur Udang / Prawn Fritters

28 Aug 10

I had not been eating prawn fritters for a long, long time. When my company had a seminar at Bayan Indah, we requested for prawn fritters for afternoon tea time and ... it was yummy!

Since then, I've been browsing around for the ingredients to make prawn fritter. Earlier, I did not know that we should add corn and carrot to the ingredients till I read it from Bayan Indah Facebook.

Anyway, this is the tried and tested ingredients:

100 g plain flour

4 tbsp self raising flour

1 tsp salt

Pinch of ground turmeric

Half a carrot

1 sweet corn

180 ml water

12 shelled prawns

2 tbsp sliced spring onion

1 cup oil for frying

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