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28 August 2010

Pancake ... my surprise Birthday Cake

27 Aug 2010

Jared loves to give us surprises on our Birthday. A few days ago, he told me ...

Jared : Mummy, I have a surprise for your Birthday.

Me : What surprise?

Jared : Can not tell you. Its a surprise.

A day before my birthday ...

Jared : I want to make a cake for you.

Me : OK

Jared : How to make pancake?

Me : I thought it suppose to be a surprise?

Jared : You just give me the instructions and I'll do it.

In the morning of my Birthday ...

Jared : Mummy, what is all purpose flour?

Me : But I cannot go down. It suppose to be a surprise.

Jared : What is a pinch of salt?

Me : But I cannot go down.

Jared : Ok, ok, you just tell Kakak and me the instructions, you dont look over here.

After about half an hour later ...

This is what I got as Birthday present from Jared.

To Jared, pancake is also a cake as it has "cake" after the "pan" and that is the easiest for him to whip out a cake for me. Thank you Jared. It's the thought that count. Love you much!

Happy Birthday to me and treasure memories. Its been 2 years since I started this blog to pen down my thoughts and memories for my loved ones, especially to Jared and Jaden. I hope they can read all these posts one day. Anyway ... as it is, Jared is very excited whenever he reads my posts especially those relate to him.

Happy Moon Cake Festival to everyone too!


Kiasu Mom said...

So sweet la your boy :-)

treasure memories said...

Lucky his wife.

Jo said...

wow...Jared is so sweet..hopefully my son will be as thoughtful..will definately share this with him...

treasure memories said...

Yes he is. How are you?