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05 April 2009

Gathering and Nintendo Wii

I received my bonus last month. My employer still paid out bonus despite recession and the not so promising economy. I decided to host lunch at home to thanks my staff for all the support, team work, commitment, dedication, etc throughout 2008. It had been a tough year for us.

We had 2 resignations, one of which only served 2 weeks out of the official 2 months notice. Then a newly joined staff decided to leave in less than 2 weeks. For the next replacement staff, we decided not to confirm the staff and finally, thank God, we found a more suitable, good staff.

There's no way I could go through 2008 by myself. Its all about teamwork and everyone worked towards the same objectives and goals, within the time frame set.

Chin Ying and her family.

The sad thing is Chin Ying is leaving us in early May 09. On the bright side, she has received a better job offer with a good career prospect. This is life. People come and people go. I'm happy that my staff has progressed well in their career.

I was so busy and occupied on that day that I've forgotten to take photos of the food that we prepared. We prepared the following for lunch:

  1. Rice Pilaf
  2. Fried Prawn with Cracker biscuit
  3. Roasted Smashed Potato
  4. Ayam Rendang
  5. Curry Sotong and Prawn
  6. Acar-acar
  7. Brocolli Salad

Fried prawn and ayam rendang were the favourites among the group.

Chin Ying's husband enjoyed the ayam rendang. I told her that I bought the ayam rendang paste from TTDI market and gave her the recipe to cook the nice aroma ayam rendang. The next day at work, I saw her reading my blog on Ayam Rendang Paste and printed out the post. Every wife knows the secret to man's heart is through the stomach.

Group photo with our spouse/partner. My entire team was present except for our Credit Controller, Steven couldn't make it as he had to go back to home town for Cheng Meng.

We had red velvet cheese cake for afternoon tea. I served the cheese cake with coffee and tea.

Chin Ying's son and the Aqua Play.

Just as other gatherings, the main attraction was the Nintendo Wii. They were amazed by and enjoyed the game.

The gathering ended at 3.30pm as we had concert at 4.30pm at KLCC.

After the gathering, hubby told me that Chin Ying and Fei Yin husbands are going to buy Wii. The following day at work, we went to Digital Mall for lunch as both of them wanted to find out more about Wii and its price. The price is RM1,040 for the set and RM200 for additional set of remote with namchak.


Kiasu Mom said...

How come no parties for friends huh? We also contributed to your success you know :-) (indirectly la).. hehehe

treasure memories said...

Victoria smsed me on Sat saying she would like to visit us, but we went outstation for Cheng Meng. I told her let's have it sometime in May after I finish YC's accounts and tax. Will you be free then?

Kiasu Mom said...

Should be ok if its a weekend. Just let me know earlier so I can plan it out :-). Looking forward to those delicious cakes :-).