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14 April 2009

KIPPAS (Kios Pembaharuan Pasport) and Passport Renewal

My passport was expiring in Jul 09 and I have to go to Singapore next week on official matter. Our passports need to be valid for at least 6 months from the embarkation date.

I was browsing through Internet to find out more about passport renewal ie documents to bring, process, duration of time (especially the waiting time), etc. The next morning, I left home early to go to Immigration Department to renew my passport. Traffic was moving slow as I turned into Pusat Bandar Damansara (PBD). To avoid further delay, I decided to park at the PBD open space car park.

KIPPAS is a kiosk system which offers a service for passport renewal.

Things to bring to renew passport at KIPPAS kiosk are:
  1. Existing international passport (must be Chip-based)
  2. MyKad
  3. Photocopy of MyKad (front and back)
  4. 1 passport-size photograph
  5. RM300 (RM50 or RM100 notes) for 32 pages, 5 years validity
There’s photocopy of MyKad and express passport sized photograph service available next to the kiosk room.

KIPPAS Passport renewal procedures:
  1. Go to KIPPAS room located at Block I
  2. Collect an envelope at the counter. Write your name, IC number and contact number. No need to fill up any form.
  3. Insert 1 passport size photo and photocopy of MyKad inside the envelope. Do not seal the envelope.
  4. Measure your height as you are required to enter the height into the kiosk later
  5. Touch the screen of the kiosk and follow the instructions (not in sequential order, can’t remember).
  • Choose the language (English or Malay)
  • Slot in the existing passport
  • Slot in MyKad for verification
  • Place thumb print at scanner for authentication
  • Choose 32 pages (the only choice)
  • Pay RM300 for the renewal fee (only RM50 and RM100 notes accepted, insert notes one by one)
  • Confirm your height (the last height in their record will be displayed); you can only grow taller and not shorter.
  • Key in your contact number
  • Put in your 1 passport size photo, photocopy of MyKad and passport into the envelope.
  • Slot the envelope into the machine
  • A printout of receipt will be provided, indicating time the new passport is ready for collection (usually 2 hours thereafter).
Collection of renewed passport is after 2 hours at Counter 16, 2nd Floor, Block I. This kiosk passport renewal is only available for Malaysian citizen aged 18 years and above with readable MyKad and only renewal for 30 pages of passport will be allowed.
The whole process is less than 5 minutes. I was there longer as there was a couple who was amazed with the kiosk and asked me “No queuing required?” They asked me to show them how to process the passport renewal via the kiosk.
I reached the PBD open space car park at 8.33 am and exit the car park at 9.03 am. The car park cost me RM6 for 30 minutes car park. The RM6 is the car park charge for the first 3 hours. So, you may wish to wait there. There are lots of eateries (Secret Recipe, KFC, Starbucks, etc), Giant hypermarket, etc. Otherwise, park at Block I basement P4 or P5 where the visitors parking are located. The parking rate there may be cheaper.
I told hubby to find car park at the Immigration office was longer than to do the passport renewal process. Hubby offered to pick me up from the office and drop me at the Immigration office for the collection of passport. That was a BIG relief!
Passport Collection Process: Present the receipt at Counter 16. They will give a ticket number for collection of passport.
  1. Present your original Mykad for collection of passport.
  2. Check the passport to ensure all the personal particulars and details are in order.
  3. Thereafter, sign at the back of the passport.
Passport cover is sold at the collection counter at RM2.00.
I reached there at 11.46am. The number served was 8037 and mine is 8045. I thought it should be a quick one since there were only 8 people ahead of me. Then, they were calling numbers starting from 7xxx and the guy in-charge of dispensing the passport was walking in and out. I ran out of patience and approached him. By the time I collected my passport, it was 12.26 pm, exactly 40 minutes.
Previously, the express service was 3 days to renew passport. Thereafter, they improved it to 1 working day and now, only 2 hours. If you wish for your passport renewal to be done on the same day, reach the Immigration by lunch time. While waiting for 2 hours for collection of passport, you may have lunch at the vicinity or at Bangsar Shopping Complex.
The good news is the collection counter is also open during lunch time, one of the more efficient government office.
Block I, Pusat Bandar Damansara
Jalan Damansutra
50550 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 20955077
The Kiosk is only open from Monday to Friday, 8.30am till 3.45 pm.


Kiasu Mom said...

Thanks for sharing, very useful :-)

Achilles said...

some improvement from 2 years ago, when you need to pick up the passport the next day with the printout.

treasure memories said...

Amy, glad its useful. I was goggle for passport renewal information, found piece and pieces of info here and there. So, I decided to post it to share with everyone.

Alex, its a good sign that people improve over time.