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27 April 2009

First to Bata, then to School

Yesterday, Jared complained that his shoes was tight. Then, Nina reminded me that Krista teacher recommended us to let Jared starting to wear school shoes to Krista.

Hubby suggested for me to get a pair of Bata shoes for Jared. He said "First to Bata, then to School.

We found a Bata shop in Mid Valley. I asked the sales assistant to let Jared try on a pair of school shoes. Size 10 fits him well now but didn't look like can last long for him. We decided to buy size 11 instead. The shoes only cost RM25.99. This is the cheapest shoes that I've bought for Jared and he was so, so happy!

Jared loves his new pair of Bata school shoes. He told me that Darren has exactly the same pattern of Bata shoes.

We also bought a pair of white socks at RM5.99 and these shoe whitener at RM6.99. We told Jared that he has to learn to wash and clean his own school shoes.

The total bill was RM38.97. That was so cheap for the whole set of school shoes!

In the evening when mom dropped by our house, Jared showed my mom his new pair of school shoes.

When I dropped him at Krista this morning, he was telling his kinder teacher about his new pair of school shoes too.

When I came back from work, he told me that all his Krista teachers said his shoes is very nice. The teachers were encouraging him to start wearing school shoes.

Jared said "I can run very fast with this shoes".


Kiasu Mom said...

Bata shoes are cheap and nice and kids will outgrow them very fast so no point spending too much :-)

treasure memories said...

This morning, Jared told me that his shoes has sticky thing underneath the shoes. So, when he runs, he will not fall down. He is so amazed by the shoes.

Better than me spending RM200 on Clarks shoes.

Kiasu Mom said...

Clarks shoes are way too expensive. Initially wanted to buy Hayley her 'first shoes' from Clarks and they cost Rm100+. Crazy... end up buying a pair for RM30 from Jusco which works just as well.