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10 April 2009

20th Years Anniversary

Today is Good Friday and is also my 20th year of working anniversary, not wedding anniversary lah!

My God! I’m old … simple maths revealed that. But, I’m entitled to some discount as I started work early, right after my STPM. What to do, I didn't get good exam results that could get me into University.

Looking back, 20 years is not a short time, how many 20 years of working experience can we have?

20 years ago, on 10 April 1989, I still remember very clearly that I took a bus to work. I reported to work at 22nd Floor, IGB Plaza, Jalan Ipoh, Off Jalan Pekeliling. It’s my first day of work at Coopers and Lybrand as Accounts Assistant with salary of RM350 per month.

10 April 1989 is also my first day of attending evening class for Professional Accounting course.

I became a qualified accountant at the age of 25, a Manager at the age of 26 and became a Controller at the age of 35. Not a big achievement to shout off but am quite, it is “quite”, not very satisfied with it. I used to aim to become an Accountant, then I aim to become a Finance Manager, then I aim higher to be a Financial Controller and now, I aim to be a Finance Director/CFO. It is not the title but the career progression, job scope and responsibilities and most importantly, the job satisfaction and achievement that matters the most.

I like the role that I play in my organization. We are no longer the bean counter but we have evolved into business partnering and advisor. I found myself sitting in most of the operations meetings and contribute in terms of potential impact, issues, controls, etc to the business.

I have no regret of becoming an accountant. In fact, I’m very glad that I am an accountant. Over the 20 years, I realised that Accountant is a very versatile career. There’s so much that you can learn, can do and can achieve. Sky is the limit! Look at those MNC CEOs, a number of them are from finance background!

Lastly, I wish to work for another 20 years ... only, that's the maximum, I hope. Is my dream to retire healthy and happy, enough funds in the bank account for my children education and yet can afford vacation now and then.

Happy 20th Years of Working Anniversary … to me!


Kiasu Mom said...

wow, 20 years? Looking back, I also worked for 12 years already.. sigh...

treasure memories said...

you are not getting older, but wiser.

Achilles said...

1989, good vintage year. finished my exams that year. :)

all Fridays are Good, so enjoy! May you have many more 20th years to come.

treasure memories said...

You too Alex. Visited your blogs, quite a number of them. Care to enlighten us?

Achilles said...

back in '05 the application that run blogs weren't user friendly.

will consolidate, after peak period, say when my daughter turns 12 and takes over the blogging.