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24 March 2009

Bead Studio, All about beading

Early this month, I received an email from Intan with subject "what do you think?" I clicked on the link and saw this colourful, summer Ultimate Orange Bracelet.

Yesterday, I received another email from Intan. This time round, the email subject is "Another winner".

And there's this beautiful blue "The Winning Heart Necklace". Her creation has been featured by "Beadage, All about beading!"

I'm so happy and proud of Intan. Intan is my ex-colleague when both of us were working for an Australian consultancy firm. She was the Personal Assistant to our MD and now, she is an artist and our home-grown, Malaysia talent!

Intan is staying in New Zealand now with her husband, Richard. They operate a motel in Mangonui called Mangonui Motel and Intan operates her Bead Studio from their owner-run motel.

I replied her email "Intan, You are so talented. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. I want a piece of your creation!"

Intan replied" You WILL have when I see you next!".

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