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02 November 2008

High School Musical 3

Mon, 27 Oct 08

My niece from Singapore, Qi Wen was in town over the Deepavali holiday.

Except for Jared, all my nieces and nephews are fans of High School Musical. My sister arranged for a movie together. Jared and I went along for the movie as we would like to spend some time with them.

As expected, Jared did not enjoy the show. During the show, he kept on asking me "Why so long?".

Anyway, the show is disappointing. According to my sisters, nieces and nephew, its not as nice as the last 2 seasons.

On the way home, I was asking my sister "When was the last time we watched a movie together?". I guess the last movie together was when we were single and did not have any boyfriends then.

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