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04 November 2008

I love to hear from you

It has been 2 months and 8 days since I created this blog. So far, I've posted 47 posts on variable topics ... family, friends, food, card making, scrap booking, Kuantan trip, etc.
This blog is meant for me to pen down and capture those special moments and to share them with family and friends, near and far. And that's the reason I named my blog "treasure memories".
I'm glad that there are constant visitors to my blog, not many but good enough for a 2 month- old blog. To my surprise, I do have fans too. Fans who visit my blog on daily basis and quietly reading them.
My fans are the shy type. They read my posts, enjoy what they read and they logged out. But ... I would love to hear from you!. Tell me what you like about this blog, what you like to read, suggestions, comments, feedback, anything at all.
Surprisingly, my sisters are my fans and read my blog too. One of them likes my posts on "My Life as an Accountant" and asked "Why there's no new posts on this label?".
Remember, it is you, my fans that keep me going and writing, albeit after a long and tiring day. I would love to hear from you!
Leave your mark behind!


Achilles said...

let's have a taste of the cheese cake and your 'fans' will grow by leaps & bounds

Kiasu Mom said...

I am guilty! :-)

I love reading about your recipes although I don't cook. Reading them make me drool :-)

Kiasu Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

very drastic to delete comment. censorship is undemocratic and a pro-ISA action.

if you believe in freedom and wanting comments, must take good comments with the bad. critics help improve.

Kiasu Mom said...

I deleted it because it was a duplicate (by accident). It was deleted by the AUTHOR!

treasure memories said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the comments. When I first tried leaving comments on a friend's post, I accidentally click twice, the comments were duplicated and of course, one of the comment was deleted. I can see the same in some of the comments left on my posts. Probably, blogspot can improve on this.

kiasu mom, thanks for the explanation to "anonymous". I've been reading your blog and we should have girls day out, without our kids.

Anonymous said...

year end sale at Electrolux soon? any news?

Anonymous said...

no sale at Electrolux yet?
thot of buy vacuum cleaner, E-lux has best brand but terrible marketing (can't see product in market).

treasure memories said...


I think you are lost here. Blog comment is meant for comments in relation to the blog topic. If you have any other comments to make, pls find the right place to pass the comments ie email to my email address.

Hope I've assisted you to get home.