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18 November 2008

Get Cheesy

with cheesecake queen Catherine Lau
This is the workshop for cheesecake lovers featuring three new recipes from the author of Cheesecake Seductions. Be among the firsts to taste these glorious new flavours at our cooking class-cum tea in Signature Kitchen's brand new cooking studio in Kota Damansara.
Red Velvet
A stunning cheesecake with layers of beetroot sponge and Baileys cream cheese
Passionate Love
A glorious cheesecake with fresh passionfruit and a chocolate biscuit base.
Bull's Eye
A baked cheesecake using a unique layering technique to create a marbled effect.
Venue : Signature KitchenLot 24, Jln Teknologi, Tmn Sains Selangor 1,Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Christina called me and ask if I was interested to go for cheese baking class. Since everyone said I made excellent cheese cake, I wasn't keen to go for the class, especially I have to pay for it. So far, I've received numerous invitations from credit cards (Lady's card), my employer, etc to attend free baking classes and I always give them a miss.
Though Christina is an accountant, she's a real good salesperson. She managed to convince me to attend this baking class with her. We signed up for RM100 for workshop + 1 year subscription to Flavours.
Then, on last Tues, 11 Nov 08, Christina asked me excitingly to check out The Star paper, Metro section. There was an article on the baking workshop "Cookbook author to unveil three new cheesecake flavours at workshop".
There was extremely good respond to the workshop, so much so that the organiser decided to open up another class on this Saturday. Christina and I will be there. I hope to remember to bring camera and capture some interesting photos to share in this blog. Of course, I hope to learn more cheese cake, so that I don't just bake the same famous marble cheese cake for family and friends.


Anonymous said...

This sounds nice. Do you need people to come and help you eat the cheesecakes? If so, call us, won't you. LOL

Anonymous said...

I volunteer!! No gain no weight!!

Anonymous said...

so kiasu.

Anonymous said...

better than kiasi


treasure memories said...

I think I know who S-I-L is. But I wonder who is G-I-L and F-I-L. Come on, why so anonymous?