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05 May 2012

Orange Marble Chiffon - 2nd Attempt

29 Apr 2012

My first attempt of this Orange Marble Chiffon cake was alright. The taste was good but not presentable.

Jared had his friend, Yu Kang, over to do exam revision with him. I gave them some exercise to do and while they were doing the exercise, I had my 2nd attempt of the Orange Marble Chiffon cake.

This time round, the cake looked much presentable.

Hubby said the taste was great with the chocolate and orange tangy taste but it tasted more like butter cake.

The cake was not fluffy enough. I also need to get the springform chiffon tube pan.

As a child, I remember my parents used to bake very fluffy chiffon cake that rise up. Mom said chiffon cake is very sensitive towards oily stuff, especially the chiffon tube pan.

I googled on the internet and found this useful tips from eHow on Chiffon Cake Tips:

  • Egg White Preparation
Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Underbeaten egg whites will result in a dense cake that will not rise properly. Make sure the mixing bowl, beaters and spatula are clean; any residual oil will cause prevent the egg whites from beating properly. Stir a third of the beaten egg whites into the rest of the batter, then quickly incorporate the rest of the egg whites to lessen your chances of "deflating" the beaten eggs whites during the mixing process.
  • Tube Pan Preparation
Do not grease the tube pan. The chiffon cake batter will not be able to climb up the sides of the pan as it rises if the pan is oily. 
  • Remove Air Bubbles 
 Gently rap the filled tube pan against the kitchen counter several times before baking to release any air pockets in the batter. Air pockets will rise during baking, resulting in holes in the chiffon cake.

  • Check Oven Temperatures
Check your oven temperature with an oven thermometer before baking a chiffon cake. If the oven temperature is lower than what the recipe calls for, the cake may not rise properly; if the temperature is too high, the cake may rise too quickly and then deflate in the oven.
  • Invert Immediately

Invert the chiffon cake on its prongs or onto the neck of a funnel or bottle immediately after removing it from the oven. If you do not immediately invert the cake, it may collapse.
  • Releasing the Cake

Gently slide a silicone spatula or a thin knife between the cooled chiffon cake and the tube pan to help release the cake from the pan. Run a wire cake tester or toothpick around the center to loosen the cake from the tube.

I am sure there will be 3rd attempt!

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