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07 May 2012

My Little Contribution for Wesak Day Celebration

5 May 2012

For Wesak Day, I used to go to the temple at Brickfields with my sisters and family. After a few years, we changed to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Society at SS3 Petaling Jaya.

A few years ago, my 2nd sister recommended us to go to this Maha Karuna Buddhist Society at Bandar Pinggiran Subang 2. To me, I am OK to go to whichever Buddhist Center so long I can celebrate Wesak Day with my family.

We've been to Maha Karuna Buddhist Society for several years now. There were quite a number of activities lined up for the Wesak Day Celebration ... bathing of young Prince Siddhartha's image, chanting, sprinkling of holy water by monks, offering of food to monks, donation, etc.

There were also vegetarian food offerings at the Maha Karuna Buddhist Society. There were lots and lots of food donated by devotees and volunteers from the center. Last year, I told myself that I would make something, either cupcakes or puddings, for the food offering too.

This year, the Wesak Day fell on the weekend just before Jared's mid year exam. I was thinking if I should still make cupcakes. If there's a will, there's a way? Let's just make it happen.

I planned the cupcakes, ingredients, cupcake liners, plastic containers, etc. I bought all the things a week before as I know I'll be busy at work and also preparing for Jared's exam.

I made these Mocha cupcakes on Thursday evening, after work and dinner.

I told my parents that I could not go to their house for the usual Friday family dinner as I need to get ready these butter cupcakes.

Cupcakes ready to be frosted with butter cream icing.

It was already 10.30pm when the last batch of butter cupcakes came out from the oven. For the frosting and finishing of cupcakes, Moch and I did it like factory production method. She put cupcake into cupcake container, pass to me for icing frosting and she would put fondant flower on top of the icing and cover the container with dome lid.

These are the finishing products

Initially, I was thinking if I should buy these dome plastic container to individually store the cupcakes. I'm glad I did cause they looked so neat and clean, aren't they?

By the time we finished getting ready all these cupcakes, it was almost midnight. Moch and I were very happy with the results. We thought the cupcakes look pretty and sweet. In fact, we were not feeling tired but instead smiling looking at these cupcakes.

When Jared saw these, he said "Mommy, these are so nice".

My eldest sister came to pick us up at 9am the next morning, to go to Maha Karuna Buddhist Society to celebrate Wesak Day.

This photo was taken at the Buddhist center, cupcakes being displayed on table as one of the food offering item. The volunteers were delighted to see these cupcakes and I heard them saying "So nice!".
Jared and his cousins bathing the young Prince Siddhartha’s image with floral scented water.

Monk tying string on Jared's wrists

This is the first time that Mom joined us to this Buddhist Center
Free soya drink. I'm proud of these kids as they donated the money into donation box
Blessing and sprinkling of holy water by monk
Offering of food to monks. My cupcakes were on the table too
Big supporters. Three of them ate more than 10 of my cupcakes
These boys were sitting next to us. Their mother, without knowing that I made these cupcakes, complained to me that her kids just wanted to eat those cupcakes and nothing else. The mother has to stop one of the boy who had eaten 4 cupcakes!
My sister saw this monk eating my cupcake and asked me to take photo. But I was a bit late and he had finished the Mocha cupcake. I was so thrilled that the monk ate my cupcake as the food offering on the table was so much.

The cupcakes were all eaten or taken home. It was such a nice feeling and it's great that how a small little thought and contribution can make me feel so great, especially on this meaningful Wesak Day.


Kiasu Mom said...

Good on you woman... :-) and your cupcakes looks like they are ready to be sold!

treasure memories said...

Thank you, Amy. Glad that I did the little contribution for the celebration.