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28 May 2012

CNY Gathering over Steamboat Lunch

7 Feb 2012

Chap Goh Meh just over yesterday and today is Thaipusam Day.

After the “plain and expensive” steamboat from Bandar Menjalara over the CNY,  I’ve decided to have my own steamboat at home. I think I can do better than that session of steamboat. I invited Meng Siew and group of friends over for steamboat lunch.

I woke up at 7.30am in the morning, had a quick breakfast and told Moch what to prepare for the steamboat and off I went to TTDI market to buy fresh food. I like steamboat with lots of varieties and not just fish ball and meat balls. I bought fish balls, prawn, fish, vegetables, etc. I bought bits of almost everything that I can find from TTDI market.
Steamboat lunch at home

Children table
Adult table
Tea time
Didn't expect guys to love cupcakes so much
Younger kids' Uno session

Elder kids' Monopoly session
The group started off with Meng Siew and I back in 1985. The group expanded to our spouse and spouse friends and it expanded further to our kids. It is certainly a friendship that I treasure very much.

It was a good catch up and there were lots of laughter too. It is certainly to treasure the memories.

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