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27 May 2012

Nose Allergy

26 Apr 2012

Occasionally, Jared would have this "clearing throat" sounds and it was getting more frequent that its affecting his sleep and study.

We took him to our neighbourhood doctor and doctor gave him medicine and dose of antibiotics. After several weeks, the condition still did not improve.

We like this paediatrician in SDMC but we do not frequent him often as SDMC is far away from our house. Previously, this paediatrician only prescribed him with a small bottle of nose drop (sodium cloride).

I suggested to Hubby to take Jared to see him for his situation.

Dr Lee said Jared has nose allergy and his nose lining damage. The drip from the nose drip down through the throat causing the irritation to this throat.

Dr Lee advised Jared to stop the bad habit of clearing the throat which is not necessary. He advised Jared to swallow saliva and drink warm water.

Medicine prescribed for Jared
Nasonex Nasal Spray - Shake the bottle and spray 1 puff into both nostrils twice a day for 1 week, then once a day for 2 weeks.

Polaramine syrup (for flu) - Take 4ml twice a day after food.

We could see improvement in Jared and the "clearing throat" sounds disappear too.

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