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22 April 2012

Orange Marble Chiffon

19 Apr 2012

Had a bad day at work. Things are not moving as smoothly as I wish. I'm learning not to be a perfectionist Virgo. Then, where do we stop? I still wish to maintain the good value and attributes of a good Accountant. Never mind, tomorrow will be a better day.

Since I was feeling down, I browsed through baking site and saw Kuali's Fluffy Cakes on it's Facebook and The Star Online. I'm attracted to its Orange Marble Chiffon cake cause I always like the perfect match of orange and chocolate.

After work and dinner, in between of America Idol's show on Astro, I tried for the very first time to bake chiffon cake.

The chiffon cake did not turn up well and not so pretty. But, Hubby and Jared love the cake as it is light and airy.
I tried the last small slice of the cake, had it for tea with a cup of coffee. It was pretty good actually. The cake was light and airy and I particularly love the tangy smell and taste from orange that goes so well with the marble, chocolate part of the cake.

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