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01 May 2012

Blog Post contents disappear - Help!

1 May 2012

A friend of ours recently asked us about maid renewal and the process and procedures on it.

After a lengthy conversation, I suggested to our friend to refer to my blog on Maid renewal - Passport and Levy that I posted on 29 Dec 2011.

Today, I wanted to email the post to him and to my surprise, the blog was still there but not its contents. I am so, so disappointed!

My blog is meant to share and treasure the memories of my life. It is also for me to refer when I needed the piece of information.

I was very surprise on the missing of its contents. I still saw it yesterday and today, just when I wanted to forward the blog, the contents were all gone.

Does anyone know how to restore the blog contents? Or are there any readers who have read and printed my blog on Maid renewal - Passport and Levy? If you did, please let me know and hope that you may share it back to me so that I can re-post the blog.

Hope there'll be good news soon.

Update 2 May 12
I manage to find and restore the post on Maid renewal - Passport and Levy. I googled my post and it came out. I clicked on "Cache" and the old post appeared! This is excellent. Am so happy and relief now. 

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