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29 June 2009

Father’s Day and Mom’s 61st Birthday

20 Jun 09

This year's Father's Day fell on 21 Jun 09 and it was close to Mom's 61st Birthday. We celebrated both occasions together.

SC suggested not to bring kids along to crowded, noisy restaurant. She suggested to let the kids to have their dinner at mom's place. They ordered Domino pizza for the kids.

The kids were so happy that none of the parents, grandparents, auntie and uncle would be at home to watch over them. Darren said "Yes!". We settled them with their dinner, while our maids watched over them.

We had our dinner at the new Selayang Palace Restaurant which is located at Bandar Selayang (near Selayang Hospital). The restaurant was new, big and impressive.

We ordered the Father's Day set menu at RM638 nett. We requested the restaurant to replace suckling pig by upgrading the fish and add in salted egg crabs. Dad is against eating baby pig and find it cruel to do so. The food was good and the set menu was just too much for the 10 of us. However, the food serving was slow and our dinner was like wedding dinner, from 8.30pm till 10.30pm. We were glad that the kids were not with us, otherwise they would be cranky and complaining.

We bumped into our old neighbour which was also celebrating Father's Day at the same restaurant.

SC baked this strawberry cheese cake for Mom's birthday, following Catherine Lau's recipe. She decorated the cake with fresh, whole strawberry and Ferrero Rocher chocolate and dust it with cocoa powder. It was a job well done, especially this is the first time that she tried to bake this cake. The cake was yummy with strong strawberry taste.

Glad that Mom was happy with the birthday celebration with her children and grandchildren. It was a pity that Patti and Qi Wen could not join us.

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