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25 June 2009

Wesak Day 2009

9 May 2009

Every year I like to go for prayer at temple on Wesak Day and on half day vegetarian.

This year's Wesak Day, I followed my sisters to temple and brought my 2 boys and Nina along. The good thing is my youngest sister and her family joined us too.

There were flowers, candles, donation box, blessed apples, etc in the temple. It was a strong Wesak Day atmosphere in the temple.

Most of the people there wore white clothes. I must remember this for next year Wesak Day.

Kids showering the Buddha.

Nowadays temples are unlike the old day. Most of them were air-conditioned in nice cool room. We had prayer session in an air-con room too.

Vegetarian lunch were provided after the prayer session.

Monk and Jaden.

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