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02 July 2009

Farewell to Nina

After working with us for 3 years, Nina went back to Indonesia for good on Sun, 21 Jun 09.

I still remembered the first day I saw her at home on 24 Jun 06. She held my hand and greeted me “Mam”. At that time, Jared was only 2+ years old and Jaden wasn’t born yet.

9 months later, when I came home from hospital after delivered Jaden, Nina was so excited to welcome Jaden home. I was surprise to see the happiness in her. I thought she would be sighing having additional member to take care at home. After I delivered Jaden thru C-section, the place that I had the operation cut grew pimples and had discharge. She is the one who did the dressing of my operation wound on daily basis until the wound recovered.

Nina had been a very good helper, especially in taking care of our 2 boys. She reminded Jared on his homework, Kumon, practice music, his spelling and Ejaan and also reminded us to pick up Jared from Krista and Kumon. She followed through the flash cards and puzzled that I started off with Jaden, sing along songs with him, etc. She performed above average for expectation from a maid. She was our Nanny at home.

Nina was my baking partner or baking helper as she’s the one who washed up after I messed up the kitchen from baking.

It’s not that Nina was so perfect that we do not have any complaints about her but nobody is perfect and those were insignificant compared to what she had contributed to our family. Though I paid for her Raya new clothing, she would not buy any if she did not see any that she like or she would not choose expensive clothing just because I was the one paying for the bill.

Though we wish Nina could extend her permit and continue working with us, we are happy for Nina to return home to her family, especially to her 8 years old boy. Once she told me that every time she had good food in Malaysia, she would think of her son’s 3 main meals at home. When we coached Jared on his homework, she would wonder if her son did his homework. She first came to work for us due to financial issues and debts. Over these 3 years, she has settled her debts, bought a house and PS3 for her son and with some savings. Hubby and I advised her to be careful with her hard earned money.

Before Nina went back, I asked Nina if she has anything to buy back to Indonesia. I asked her to follow me to Ikano. While I was having my massage, I asked her to go for shopping for souvenirs for her family. She bought a pair of Bata shoes for herself, a pair of shoes for her son, Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 and Transformer T-shirts for her son. She told me that she was not comfortable wondering alone in shopping complex.

It was hard for my 2 boys as Nina had spent 3 years with them. During the transition of the old and new maid, when the new maid (Makcik) fed Jaden’s meal, Jaden said “Kakak’s turn”. He wanted Nina to feed him.

Jared was very sad though he didn’t express it. He gave a big hug to Nina just as we bid farewell to her. He didn’t say much, just kept on hugging Nina tight and didn’t want to let her go. Jared told me “If I be a good boy, will Kakak come back?” So sad :(

At LCCT departure hall, Nina said “Mam, ingat makan ubat, ya.” I found it so hard to bid farewell to Nina.

Nina called us upon her arrival in Indonesia. She was with her husband and son, on the way back to her home.

The other day, I asked JadenMakcik put you to sleep, ok? Jaden replied “No, thank you”

Last week over dinner, our new maid boiled soup with carrot. Jared had a sip and said “Makcik put the carrot in the wrong soup”. Hubby wondered what he’s complaining about. I had a sip of the soup and I got it. The new maid boiled winter melon soup which we usually boil it with red dates, etc and not carrot. Nina used to include carrot in ABC soup and not winter melon soup. Jared was so sharp and picky.

Ok, life has to go on for all of us. Nina, please take good care of yourself and … we miss you dearly!


Kiasu Mom said...

Its so hard to find a reliable maid and its equivalently hard to have to bid her farewell... But I guess over time the makcik will be apart of your family too.

Is the makcik also from Indo?

treasure memories said...

The other day, we called Nina and I couldn't talk to her. Tears dropped.

I do hope so with our new maid.

jo_blue said...

So sad...I hope the new one works out for you.

treasure memories said...

We hope so too.