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15 June 2009

Why are you not rich?

After the stressful week from medical examination, I decided to bake cupcake to rest and relax. While I was baking cupcake, Jared came to me and ask “Mommy, why are you not rich?” I got a shocked; it’s an unexpected question from Jared.

Me: What do you mean?

Jared: Why are you not rich?

Me: Like who?

Jared: Like the two girls.

Me: Which two girls?

Jared: The one on the TV.

Me: What TV?

Jared: The TV you like to watch!

I got him. He was referring to “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane” that I like to watch on E!

There was once it was showing Kimora planning for her girl, Ming Lee’s 8th birthday party. The fabulous party was a camping themed party. The indoor pool was turned into a tropical forest and one of the rooms was turned into a camp with fake fire, tents and sleeping bags. There’s face painting lady and a Ming-shaped cake. The Clique Girlz group performed for Ming in their big theater and all the girls were jumping around dancing.

Who doesn't admire or wish to have this type of fabulous birthday party? I was stunt for a moment and didn't know what to say to Jared.


Kiasu Mom said...

You should tell him to study hard and do well in life so next time he can be RICH! hehehe

I love that show too...

treasure memories said...

Yes .. he said he'll buy us BMW when he grows up. He's into cars.