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28 June 2009

Office Pot Luck

12 Jun 09

In conjunction with Sales Meeting and team building, since our outstation and Singapore colleagues were in town, our office decided to have pot luck for lunch.

We were break into groups by department, branches, etc and informed the committee in advance dishes/food that we would cook or bring.

Some of the main course:

Pineapple fried rice, fried meehoon, pizza, broccoli stuffed mushroom by Fei Yin, curry chicken, assam prawn by Jess's mom and Muar famous otak-otak sponsored by my boss.

We had the makan session at our showroom which is equipped with our appliances in a modern kitchen concept, adjacent to our living hall ie guest waiting area.

Steamboat corner using our new induction cooker.

Dessert corner

After the big relief from my Urinary tests, I volunteered to bake cupcakes (top middle) which were freshly baked the night before the pot luck.

It was a good get together session for us to get to know our colleagues better ie who can cook and who should stay away from cooking :)

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