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18 June 2009

Father to Son

My mother in-law bought this book for her eldest son a.k.a my hubby, when she was visiting my sister in-law in US.

"Father to Son" is a book on life lessons on raising a boy. We have two boys, naughty ones and I guessed that's the reason my mother in-law bought this book for my hubby.

The 5 keys:

  1. Be around.
  2. Be his father, not his friend. Imagine his confusion when you must discipline him.
  3. Be a good husband. Show his mom respect at all times.
  4. Be home for dinner
  5. Be his hero.

Turning a boy into a man is a man's job. In this little book of wisdom for fathers, there's hundreds of succinet thoughts which are practical and intangible, lighthearted and serious, all supported by a strong moral backbone - to guide, to remind, to teach and to inspire. The author has been gathering material for this book since the first of his two teenage sons was born.

I particularly like these two.

When Jared first learned this from hubby, he told me "Mommy, I can not tell you. Daddy teaches me to keep a secret.

In the end,

Jared showed me this page and said "Mommy, the book said Let him go. When I want to buy toys, you must let me go. Let me go wherever I want to go".

Father's Day is around the corner and I take this opportunity to wish all the fathers out there "Happy Father's Day". Happy turning a boy into a man!


Kiasu Mom said...

Jared is such a smart boy :-).

Any book with the title 'Mother to Daughter'? hehehe

treasure memories said...

He is cheeky.

Am not sure but this book is really great!