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24 July 2009

Birthday Lunch at D’Italianies Kitchen

12 Jul 09

The food served at the Italian restaurant near my office is excellent. My office had held numerous luncheon there too. One Friday, my sister asked me "When are we going to have lunch at the Italian restaurant near your office?

Since both of my sister and her husband's birthdays are in the month of July, I answered "Why not this weekend? Is my treat to you and your hubby".

I like the simple and clean design of d'italiane kitchen, which is owned by an ex-accountant. I like the bowls, plates, glasses, etc used by this restaurant. The owner told me he picked and choose these from a few different places.

My brother in-law jokingly said I need not booked the entire restaurant for the celebration. This is because we were the only customers there then. As the restaurant in located in an office building, the restaurant is quiet on weekend but not on weekday.

For starter, we ordered Mushroom Cream Soup (RM8.90) and Sauteed Foeste Mushroom Platter (RM16.90).

The soup was creamy and the mushroom platter was tasty. We always like the mushroom soup at The Italianies and since we've tried this mushroom soup at d'italiane kitchen, we like it better here. At this stage, my guests were happy to have found this restaurant.

My sister ordered Roasted Garlic Lamb Cutlets (RM49.90) which was good too. The meat was juicy and tender.

My brother in-law ordered Alle Vongole (RM21.90) which was disappointing. The taste was a little blend.

Hubby ordered Risotto Con Pancetta Beef (RM23.90). The first time that I tasted risotto, I never like it. Risotto taste like in between rice and porridge but Hubby loved the risotto that he ordered.

As for me, I ordered their famous Sicilian Seafood Pizza (RM26.90). The crust was thin and crunchy with generous portion of seafood.

We had a pinch of each other food and get to try a variety of food of the restaurant. We were so full by the end of the main course.

The cake at d'italiane kitchen looked yummy. Since we were so full, I proposed to share dessert.

We ordered Galbani Tiramisu (RM16.90) which was disappointing. The portion was so small and the taste was unlike the traditional tiramisu.

Luckily, the two caffe latte (RM7.90 each) were good ... thick, hot and had a good aroma smell.

Total bill came up to RM201.40. We had a satisfying meal and good moment, with the restaurant all by ourselves and full attention from the staff. My sister and brother in-law were impressed with the food at d'italiane kitchen. The only disappointing ones were the pasta and tiramisu which we gave the feedback to the staff there. Hope they will improve on it.

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