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14 July 2009

Jaden’s 1st movie - Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen

25 Jun 09

Since the long awaited Transformer movie started the premier screening on Wed, 24 Jun 09, we decided to catch the movie in the afternoon of weekday to avoid the weekend crowd. Hubby went to GSC 1 Utama to buy the tickets a few days ahead. I took a day off and spend some time with the kids.

Transformer is a famous movie and the crowd from the premier screening was awesome. My parents didn't like the idea of us going to crowded place with kids, especially contained in theatre during this H1N1 outbreak. I didn't think of this earlier and was quite worry about H1N1. Tickets bought and the excitement in Jared built up. We went ahead with the movie and brought masks along.

In the cinema, I didn't see a single person wearing mask. So, discarded the idea of wearing one. Instead, I made sure we use hand sanitiser ... as we got inside the theatre, before popcorn, throughout the movie, etc.

It is Jaden's first movie though the movie was not so appropriate for his age. He was so cool about it, especially when we walked in to the theatre. Though it was dark, he was calm and anxious of the surrounding. He looked around and point at the light from the projector and said loudly "Light". The person sat in front of us turned over and look at him.

My 2 big boys (Hubby and Jared) really focused and concentrate on the movie. You couldn't talk to them. The movie was long ie from 2pm till 4.40pm. Jaden got bored and we had to carry him out of the theatre to get fresh air. After a few rounds of walking in and out of the theatre, Jaden fell asleep on me. It was such a nice feeling to have him lean on me and held him tight in my arms.

After the good review and great response from Transformer 1, the expectation on Transformer 2 is higher and many found it not as great. I found it hard to focus on the robots as there were just too many of them.

After the movie, once we got into the car, I gave another round of hand sanitiser for the entire family.

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