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23 July 2009

My Ass was Kissed Again!

4 Jul 09

My ass was kissed again … for the 3rd time!

I’m referring to my car. I was on the way to pick up Hubby and Jared from music school. I stopped at red traffic light and after a few seconds, there was a BIG BANG came from behind and hit my car rear. My car’s rear number plate broken and there was a few inches of crack on my car bumper.

I always drive very carefully on the road especially after the major accident in 2006 when I was in my 2nd trimester pregnancy. Somehow, the BIG BANG sound is still very clear in my mind. Hubby always complains that I’m a passive driver and it’s very dangerous to the driver. I was hoping that over a period of time, the fear would go away. This recent accident does not help.

I hope accident will stay away from me or I may stay away from accident. But then again, we can never plan or prepare to avoid any accidents.

Accident … please stays away from me!


Kiasu Mom said...

Now its your turn.. sigh.. pity you. Sounds like you're the victim here. Unlike me, I kiss someone else's ass... hehehe. Anyway, as long as you're ok, that's the most important.

treasure memories said...

I know. People advised me to change my car but I love the car. Fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Its like tailor made for me ... small and sporty, easy for car parking.

Kiasu Mom said...
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Kiasu Mom said...

Sorry, got typo error earlier.

I mean get the same car but of different colour ;-)

treasure memories said...

Trade in and buy new car cost money leh.

Kiasu Mom said...

Friend, accidents also cause money leh... and not to mention the risk to your life. So which one more worth it? :-)