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22 July 2009

Jayde’s 1st Birthday with Pink & White Teddy Bear Cakes

27 Jun 09

Time really flies. I still remember attending Jayde's full moon party last year. A year passed in a blink of an eye and I received a sms from Susan inviting us to Jayde's 1st birthday party.

Susan ordered these "home made" lovely cake and cupcakes. Its a pink and white teddy bear cakes, with pink stars stamped with "Jayde" name.

Apart from the cute birthday girl, the cake was the center of attraction. The guests admired the teddy bears, the stars and the pink and white balloons too.

Jayde dressed in a white lacy dress with matching hair band. Its like a princess birthday party with the pink and white cake, the white lacy dress and the pink and white balloons.
Susan prepared temporary tattoos for the kids and party packs which were personalised with kids' name. The kids had a great time at Jayde's birthday party.


jo_blue said...

I like the way you've presented the photos on your blog. It looks very professional. What program do you use to do this?

treasure memories said...

Hi Jo,

I use PhotoScape. Found it from friend's blog.

Why didn't you invite me as reader to your blog?