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07 March 2009

Jaden celebrated 2nd birthday with Mickey Mouse and Barney

Jaden is two years old yesterday.
Initially, I planned to bake a cake for him. I can bake yummies cake but I can't bake cute, pretty cake.
Cupcake is the trend now and I saw Amy bought sweet lovely cake for Hayley's birthday from Yummies by Audrey and decided the order cupcake from her too.

I took a day off from work to spend more time with Jaden on his birthday. I collected the above lovely box of cupcakes from Audrey at Mont Kiara Banyan. The box is nicely tied with satin purple ribbon and Audrey's name card which can be used as a book mark or as a gift tag when you turn the name card over.

Jaden loves Mickey Mouse and Barney. Kids love cartoon and colourful stuff and since my niece and nephews would be at my mom house for the after dinner dessert, I taught these 2 characters cupcake should be nice.

Audrey downloaded Mickey Mouse and Barney designs from internet and sent them to her supplier to print on eatable ink. Personally, I prefer hand made 3D design. As the surface of the cupcake is small and the design is not simple, we opted for the printed one.
Audrey recommended chocolate cupcake since Jaden loves chocolate and the colour made the cartoon characters stand out.

I ordered the minimum 25 kiddy size cupcakes at RM75 (RM3 each) with extra RM2 charge for the special print of Mickey and Barney characters. The cake was soft and moist with strong chocolate taste.

The kids didn't expect Mickey Mouse and Barney cupcakes. They were so excited to see the cartoon characters cupcakes and start choosing the cupcake character and colour that they like.

Its candles blowing time but Jaden stared at his favourite Mickey Mouse and Barney.
The good thing about cupcake is there's no cutting needed. Everyone can just choose and take the cupcake. This is something new to my parents and they said nowadays people are very creative and cupcake is so convenient.

Birthday boy and his birthday cupcakes.
I bought this Levi's T-shirt for Jaden during Parkson Member's Day.

Jaden was puzzled and a little nervous that everyone was surrounding him and sang Birthday song. Jared gave him comfort, helped him to blow the candles and hugged him.

Kong Kong gave him a birthday angpow.

I bought extra 4 small boxes to pack gave away cupcakes.

Present from great auntie and Jared to Jaden.

We bought this book as a gift from Jared to Jaden. Jaden named the characters as Mouse (for Mickey), Minnie, Duck (for Donald) and surprisingly, he can also named Pete.

Jared showed Jaden how to open the BIG present.

They love this Duplo Lego circus set that their great auntie bought.

There are a few combinations for this versatile lego set and its so colourful.

In Tumble Tots today, they sang Birthday song for Jaden.

Jaden had 2 stickers ... Birthday sticker and the weekly achievement sticker.

And also this Birthday card.
The milestone achievement for Jaden at two years old:

  • Successfully potty trained. Despite we put on diaper for Jaden at night, he does not wee wee on the diaper throughout the night.

  • After he took out all his toys and finished playing, he will point at his toys and tell Nina "Atak, mess!"

  • When he doesn't like or want something, he would say "No way!"

  • He dislike hair cut. Whenever we brought him and reached barber shop, he would cry, point at our car and refuse to enter the barber shop.

  • Jaden will point at objects or toy and say "Ball, door, car, fish, elephant, tiger, etc"

  • He likes lift especially pressing lift buttons and go up and down lift.

  • Jaden loves puzzle, flash cards, writing and colouring.


Kiasu Mom said...

Nice cake :-). Glad that Audrey didn't disappoint your boys :-)

Audrey said...

I'm so happy to see that the children loved the choosing their favourite character cupcake!
That's one of the best rewards for me!
Jaden is such a lucky boy to have so many people celebrate his birthday with him and have so many cool presents too!